Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh



  • Been playing Post Scriptum a bunch lately, and although it's buggy as hell, it's made me miss my old DH days in the 29th. If any of you 29th guys are messing around in this, I'd love to play sometime.

  • Post Scriptum is free to play this weekend. It ends on:
    NOV 12 @ 7PM CEST / 6PM GMT / 1PM EDT

    A nice opportunity to try it out if you're interested.
    And there's also a 25% discount on it.

  • Just to keep things going here, PS went through a MAJOR update during summer from Unreal Engine 4.16 to Unreal Engine 4.21 bringing it up to date (almost) with Squad.
    4.21 went live during October.

    We have now also had the teaser/confirmation of what is coming next in Chapter 2 (free addition to the game)

    And some footage from the testing:

    Nice to see the odd 29th player in game...maybe it could be a game for 29th ID in the future?
    If so hit me up via the discord my guys (RIP) are always up for a scrap!

  • Post Scriptum - Chapter III Teaser [2020]

  • Chapter III was released April 24th if anyone still plays. The game is really good at it's current point.

  • I bought Post Scriptum recently and started playing, if you have me on steam hmu to play sometime :)

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