Rate What The Person Above You Is Listening To



  • 8/10 pretty good, definitely enjoyed it a bit.

  • 4/10 Not a big fan of LP.

    Josephine Baker - J'ai Deux Amours (I Have Two Loves)

  • 9/10 Fantastique!

    Otto Stenzel Tanz Orchestra - Musik! Musik! Musik!

  • 7/10 - Sehr gut!

    Beniamino Gigli - 'Care Selve, Ombre Beate'

  • 6/10. Pretty slow and I don't speak greek.

    The Used - A Song to Stifle Imperial Progression

  • 5/10 2angsty4me and not a fan of these ham-fisted/unsubtle attempts at political commentary some American bands put out but the sound was quite decent at parts of it tbf

    Peace - Lovesick

  • 5/10, not sure how I feel about it.

    Hibou - Dissolve

  • indie, good, 7/10

    Hawthorne Heights - We Are So Last Year (yeah yeah i know scene kid music)

  • 4/10-not my kind of music.

    Walker McGuire - worn these boots

  • 6/10 - not a country fan, but at least this isn't about riding tractors and drinking a can of bud.

    Lil Dicky - The '90s

  • 2/10 - Is it supposed to be intentionally bad or something?

    The Smiths - Still ill (Live in Hamburg, Germany)

  • 7/10 Pretty good for a live show.

    Hibou - Above Us

  • 8/10 never heard these but liking the vibe actually

    reminds me of:
    Alvvays - Next Of Kin

  • 6.5/10 Good but I don't like the reverb.

  • 7 / 10, I liked it. Pretty chill.

    Foxes in Fiction - Ontario Gothic

  • 6/10 It was ok, not all that bad. just the quality of the video and the type of music was meh.

    calvin coolidge - charlie sheen winning

  • 6/10 - Thought it was surprisingly okay.

    Suede - Killing of a Flash Boy

  • 8/10 easylistening stuff, very nice. dont like the clip tho.

    Lobby Loyde & the coloured balls - "Slowest guitar on earth"

  • 7/10 not bad at all, actually sounds quite good.

    tim mcgraw, if you're reading this

  • 7/10 not bad at all

  • 3/10 - Didn't like it.

    Orange Juice - Falling & Laughing (Postcard Version)

  • 4/10-meh didn't really like it.

  • edited June 2015

    0/10 Wow so edgy oh my god he said motherf'er. I guess some techno/edm/house/whatever you want to call it is OK (I guess) but this is honestly terrible.

    Mccafferty - Drops From Our Windows (would link a different song but timestamped links and embeddation does not work)

  • Pretty good, liked it, 7/10

    Sum 41 - Walking Disaster

  • 7/10-it's not that bad

    Trace Adkins-Till the last shots fired

  • 1/10 same rehashed nationalism. Don't get me wrong I'm all about being patriotic and thanking veterans, but come on you can't write 20 songs about it, that also use the same chord progression (maybe I'm not one to talk since the stuff I like uses the same chord professions a lot as well).

    Jesse Stewart - Cold Beer

  • 7/10 can't not enjoy because of the nice chord progression

    The Vaccines - Minimal Affection

  • 4.5/10 Not really a fan of the genre of music, but the video kept things a bit interesting.

    Liquid Assassin - My Drug

  • 7/10-it was good, and the video went along with the song really nice.

    Toby Keith-Made in America

  • Punk - The Queers
    An old school punk band, there pretty much as generic punk rock as you can get. I haven't listened to a ton of their stuff, but what I have I like.

    Folk Punk - Hover Hands
    Very rhythmatic lyrics, more folky than punk. One of my favourite folk punk artists.

    Folk Punk - Pat, The Bunny
    Pat is a folk punk legend, he's been with a ton of bands like Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains, Wingnut Dishwashers Union, Ramshackle Glory, etc. A lot of his songs are political, but his music follows along with his life where he's struggled with addiction. Favourite band he's been in has to be Wingnut Dishwashers Union.

    Hip Hop - Childish Gambino
    A far cry from the ignorant rap scene, Gambino has intelligent lyrics and very creative word play. A lot of his songs deal with the struggles of black culture norms. I enjoy his earlier stuff, specifically Royalty.

    Folk - Jesse Stewart
    A Canadian folk artist, he plays the (I don't know what that instrument is called) like a mad man. A lot of his songs take lyrics from a Newfy joke rapper, Donnie Dumphy, and it's interesting that Jesse is able to make those songs seem a lot more serious than Donnie does.

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