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  • 6/10 I don't speak Japanese, but it was quite relaxing, not really the sort of music I listen to.
    Nightstep - Till The World Ends (Original Artist - I See Stars, Nightcored by NightcoreReality)

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    2/10 Lamey Mclamerson. Not enough breasts in the thumbnail.
    The Who- Substitute

  • 3/10 Don't speak Japanese, very odd karaoke game.

    Nightcore - The Zombie Song (Original by Stephanie Mabey, Nightcored by Zero. Miz-Kun)

  • 6.5/10 - I'm not one for anime but I'd be lying if I said the song wasn't pretty good to listen to.

    Leave No Man Behind - Hans Zimmer

  • 10/10, Amazing movie, with an amazing soundtrack. This song is excellent from start to finish. My favorite part is when the song picks up at about 3:10.

    I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has never seen it, along with its sister film, Flags of Our Fathers. they both tell the story of the battle of Iwo Jima. Letters From Iwo Jima is from the Japanese prospective. While Flags of Our Fathers is the American side. You need to watch both, one right after the other, you can't watch just one. Now to the songs. You may shed a tear or two while watching them, I know I did.

    Letters from Iwo Jima - Main Theme

    Flags of Our Fathers - Main theme


  • 10/10, love both songs and movies :)

    Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch

  • 5/10 it was okay

    Rob $tone - Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spooks (Dir. Alex Vibe)

  • 5/10, I'm not that into rap.

    Here is some 90's for you:

    Vengaboys - We like to Party!

  • 0/10 noooooooooo, even for a pop song it's terrible.

    Paper Ceilings - "GHOST DOG!" (du du du du)

  • 6/10 - Reminds me of Andrew Jihad Jackson a bit

    Heavens to Betsy - Complicated

  • 5/10 - Okay song, the vocalist was pretty quiet compared to the rest of the musicians which took away from the song.

    Xmen: Magneto Super Theme Song - mrgice3
    Youtuber combined 'Frankenstein's Monster', 'Pain and Anger', 'X-Men', and 'Magneto' into one song. (All by Henry Jackman for the X-Men: First Class soundtrack)

    'Frankenstein's Monster' is my favourite song from any soundtrack, goes really well with the scene but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to post the scene. But it's still great without the scene.

  • 6/10. It wasn't John Williams, but still good energy.

    We need more fun music in here! Like Daddy, by Psy

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    2/10 I get overwhelming anxiety when I hear this song, I'm not sure why. Its kinda catchy, not my thing tho

    Andrew Jackson Jihad - Heartilation (with probably the best timing of anything at 1:40)

  • 5/10 There might be a reason they have to play their music on the train.

    Space Oddity - David Bowie; Rest in peace you sexy beast.

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    8/10 Never been a huge fan of David Bowie, but I love that song.

    I just think Michael Kiwanuka is a great artist.
    Michael Kiwanuka - Home again

  • 7/10

    David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes

  • R.I.P David Bowie 10/10

    David Bowie - Man Who Sold The World

  • 6/10 David Bowie ain't really my thing

    Motörhead - Hellraiser (Just because RIP Lemmy aswell)

  • 2/10 can't stand sabaton

    Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Clubland

  • Poland Strong - Russia We War YOU!!!
    I posted this at school so the website is pretty much Youtube but unblocked.

  • 3/10 - I don't even know what to think

    Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia

  • AJJ is all about the aesthetic bro! ;)

    6/10 I've been on a Nirvana kink lately, but I'm not too into the Foo Fighters. Not a bad song by any means though. I heard a story that Dave was scared of how Kurt Cobain would react so he wrote songs in secret while in Nirvanna, which would later turn into The Foo Fights first album. Now you can impress all the grunge chicks with your trivia knowledge.

    Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (acoustic)

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    9/10 Awesome Song! Always like hearing this on the Radio in the truck once and a while.

    Top Gun Anthem-Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens

  • 7/10 The only reason I'm giving it this score is because a movie like that just needs to have a song like that.

    But talking about songs used in films:

    George Baker - Little Green Bag

  • 8/10 funky

    Continuing the songs in film..

    Beethoven - Ninth Symphony 1st movement Allegro ma non troppo

  • 8/10
    Very epic classical music, I like dis.. mon.

    Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier

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    8/10 I've always liked classical stuffs

    Continuing the songs in film
    This one is from an anime I'm currently dig, genre is Space Opera. Actually, it's like Star Wars hooking up with Game of Thrones
    LoGH - Walküre ist dein Mut

  • 2/10 v. generic

    Elvis Costello - Welcome To The Working Week

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